neatsTM - The journey to your table

Matthew’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur was anything but a straight line. Upon graduating with a BA from the prestigious Washington & Jefferson College, Matthew briefly considered playing professional basketball overseas. Reluctant to leave family and friends, he sought employment stateside. His business acumen at what began as a temporary assignment at BMW Financial Services ultimately led to a 17-year corporate banking career with the renowned company.

In 2010, armed with years of experience in corporate finance and a clear understanding of how best to bring products to market, he began his quest to create something that solved a universal problem that didn’t presently exist in the consumer marketplace.

Matthew’s inspiration evolved from personal experience. For years, he had been aware of the myriad of problems with restaurant utensils. They didn’t necessarily look dirty, but there was no way to know whether they’d been handled in a manner that left them safe for consumers. Who had touched them? Were their hands clean? How hot was the water they were washed in? If they were left on a table, had other patrons handled them?

And what were the options in these scenarios? Dunking knives and forks in your water glass? Carrying your own utensils? Matthew knew there was a better solution and set out to create it. It had to be portable. It had to be nontoxic with no aftertaste and it had to be easy to use.

The initial concept for what would ultimately become neats was developed back in 2010. Over the next few years, he honed the concept, working with manufacturers to perfect the formula. He obtained a provisional patent, giving neats a patenting-pending status. Today, neats is a reality that is destined to positively impact dining on both land and sea — from traveling abroad to dining in restaurants, college dining halls, corporate cafeterias, sporting events and concerts.

We believe that you should not have to risk your health and the health of your family to enjoy eating out. Remember: Think neats before you eat!

Matthew Johnson